NSA Festival 2018

NSA Festival 2018

Start date: March 6, 2018

End date: March 9, 2018

Nantional School of Arts HALL
6th – 9th March 2018

DAILY @ 9:30 – Man Longing & Trafficked – followed by a Q&A
1:45 – Season of Simplicity – Gladys Agulhas (Info to follow)


MAN LONGING – Sunnyboy Motau


Trafficked – Yusuf Thomas

Man Longing by Sunnyboy Motau shares the bill with Trafficked conceptualized and choreographed by NSA alumnus Yusuf Thomas.

Man Longing

Man Longing is an exploration into the dark and sinister world of human trafficking. Through the use of dance and poetry, this choreography hopes to bring awareness to young people of the dangers that lurk out there and the consequences of being a victim of human trafficking. Many young people forced into prostitution against their will, are kept as modern day slaves, while others are forced into the underworld of drug dealing and use. The city, while luring in its attraction of greener pastures, leaves many stranded and at risk of the evils that lurk the streets in the quiet stillness of the night.

Choreographer: Sunnyboy Motau

The National School of the Arts is delighted to host Moving Into Dance Mophatong (MID) during their 40th Anniversary year and would like to extend congratulations to them on this milestone celebration.


Yusuf Thomas investigates how African dance principles (patterns, rhythms, and texts) may be used as a choreographic tool in contemporary dance. “Trafficked” looks at human trafficking while questioning the African tradition of ukuthwala.

“TUT Dance is extremely proud of Yusuf Thomas, as a recent graduate of the Dance Diploma and B.Tech program. His work, Trafficked, represents the new and energetic style of a young choreographer which seamlessly fuses classical western training with elements of traditional African dance. Not only this, but the work is also important in subject matter; the issue of human trafficking is one which affects people across the globe. Trafficked passes comment on the horrors of this reality from an African, yet Universal, perspective. The upcoming performance of Trafficked marks a significant moment for Yusuf Thomas as it is not often a student is invited back to their alma-mater five years after leaving to present their first professional work.”

Ashley Wakefield

Dance Program Coordinator and Lecturer

Tshwane University of Technology

A REALITY UNSEEN – A Storyboard Banner
Curated by Melanie Hamman-Doucakis

With the support of the National Freedom Network, the Festival of the Arts will also exhibit A Reality Unseen a story board curated by photojournalist Melanie Hamman-Doucakis created to raise awareness about the realities of human trafficking.

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