Asanda Ruda

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Meet Our Dancers

A dancer from a young age, Asanda began dancing in community groups around Soweto and was accepted as a student at MIDM in 2012 where she worked with different national and international choreographers during her training. She is now a member of MIDM’s Professional Dance Company. Asanda was recently part of the cast that performed in Sunnyboy Motau’s, “Man-Longing” on the main programme of the National Arts Festival and thereafter at the National School’s Festival. In September 2017, Asanda toured Germany (2015) for a month-long tour of Jessica Nupen’s “Romeo & Juliet: Johannesburg & Rebellion”, in collaboration with choreographers Sunnyboy Motau & Oscar Buthelezi and then to Italy (2016). Asanda performed in Sylvia Glasser and Lebo Mashile’s collaborative “Threads”, both nationally and internationally. Asanda also took part in “Bolero” at Impact No. 1; performed her solo work, “Kemet” in Impact No. 2 at the Joburg Theatre; and the collaborative production with MIDM and The Playhouse Dance Residency production of “We are Still Marching”, choreographed by Motau. She toured Russia as part of the Russian/South African Season in 2016 and in 2017 participated in Motau’s “I am NoT”, Oscar Buthelezi’s “Stuck Souls” and Robyn Orlin’s “Beauty Remains…”