We wear our wheels

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we wear our wheels with pride and slap your streets with color… we said  “bonjour” to satan in 1820

Pics by Smash Photography

Les rickshaws de Durban vus par Robyn Orlin

Le 26 juin 2021 par Delphine Goater
Retour de Robyn Orlin à Chaillot avec un spectacle touchant, coloré et profond, à l’image de la nation arc-en-ciel.

Article Translated….
The White Zulu has struck again! Continuing his reinterpretation of South African cultures and traditions, especially those stemming from apartheid and the colonial era, Robyn Orlin is this time interested in rickshaw shooters, those Zulu rickshaws who once roamed as if they were dancing the arteries of Durban by competing for invention in the decoration of their high headdresses. Beyond the picturesque character of these human-powered chauffeurs, which were part of her childhood, the choreographer is also interested in their condition.

In this three-part show entitled We wear our wheels with pride and slap your streets with color… we said ‘bonjour’ to satan in 1820… she features a handful of young dancers from Moving Into Dance Mophatong, who wear colorful costumes and the headdress bristling with horns that allows rickshaw drivers to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Hailing the passer-by, promising the best visit, they play their patter to embark the tourist. But behind each of these shooters, there is a man or a woman. This is what we discover in the solos given to each of them after they put down their loincloths and headdresses under the video camera. Part of the stage has in fact been transformed into a video studio, projecting images in real time. The mix between colorful images, touching solos and calibrated structure is one of the successes of the show, very controlled, while keeping its spontaneity.

It also relies heavily on the exceptional duo of musicians uKhoiKhoi, who take advantage of the tremendous acoustics of the Salle Gémier. Singer Anelisa Stuurman, with a very broad register, has the qualities of a magazine leader. She leads the dancers and the public in her rich and abundant musical universe. One more discovery to the credit of Robyn Orlin