Dance Umbrella 2018

Dance Umbrella 2018

Start date: March 15, 2018

End date: March 16, 2018

WITS THEATRE: 15 & 16 March 2018


Embracing Gravity is a triptych programme of works which speak to the celebration of MIDM’s journey from past to present. Established in 1978, by Founder, Sylvia Glasser, as a non-racial dance company and training organisation, Moving into Dance Mophatong (MIDM) has had a major impact as a leading Contemporary African Dance Company.

Internationally recognised as an incubator producing a multitude of award winning and productive dancers, choreographers, arts administrators and teachers, MID has become recognised as a serious development organisation. Celebrating their 40th Anniversary… from the components of Afrofusion Technique pioneered by Sylvia Glasser, to embracing new projects and the developing of Integrated Dance through their Enable Through Dance project plus giving a breath of innovation and new life by choreography from outside the MIDM ‘stables’.


“art life life art art life art”, Choreographed by David Gouldie & Moving into Dance Mophatong Company

Inspired by work by L’Atelier 2017
Choreography David Gouldie / Moving into Dance Mophatong Company


“The Call for Hope”, Directing and Staging: Otsile Masemola, Sussera Olyn & Mark Hawkins

Having been trained in inclusive dance practice by Gladys Agulhas, MIDM trainees and dance company members (Sussera Olyn and Otsile Masemola) workshopped and choreographed a dance work that spoke to their experiences of inclusive dance.  This dance fusion showcases the integration of dancers from    diverse dance abilities collaborating with a mutual understanding of dance, giving hope to those previously excluded from this platform; building better and greater connections.

The Call for Hope explores common words such as “No!” which in the context of disability carries     judgement and preconceptions.  It accentuates the understanding that no matter how different we all are, we are still the same.

Directing and Staging: Otsile Masemola, Sussera Olyn & Mark Hawkins


“STONE CAST RITUAL” (An Excerpt) choreographed by Sylvia ‘Magogo’ Glasser

This work is a mesmerising ritualistic journey using stones collected from the beach to create intricate polyrhythms and call-and-response patterns of sound. The work evokes images of the sea and nature as well as traditional work movements such as grinding corn.



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