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An integral part of the training programme is creating awareness in communities and schools through our Edudance programme. All students are groomed in Edudance methodology (the use of dance and creative movement to teach academic concepts and social issues) and then go out to teach to schools and community centres to present demonstrations of this work.

This outreach programme serves as a form of on-the job-training whereby the students use their communication, dance and social skills to educate youth and adults alike of issues such as nutrition, health, women’s issues, rape, abuse and road safety among others.

Additionally, the MID dance company performs professional dance works to schools and communities in community halls and school halls as a means of making dance performance more accessible to the public that do not have the disposal income to attend such performances. It allows young people the opportunity to see dance as a possible career path. These performances are also used as a means to motivate the youth as the dancers relate their own stories about their backgrounds and how dance has changed their lives and the lives of their families.