Trainee/Internship Programme (2nd & 3rd year Training)

Trainee/Internship Programme (2nd & 3rd year Training) 2015-09-03T10:14:48+00:00

The MID Training/Apprenticeship programme was informally started after the launch of the 1 year full-time dance training programme in 1992. It was hoped that this programme would offer talented dancers from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to train further in skills such as performance, choreography and arts administration so that they would be able to enhance their dance careers in the industry or start their own community projects.

Presently in South Africa the unemployment rate averages at 25.27% and continues to increase. This brings light to the fact that the SA economy does not have much employment room for the youth that are matriculating each year. Therefore, a programme such as this equips youth to embark on their own means of income generation through skills development.

A core factor that governs the unemployability of youth is a lack of access to hands-on training. Through MID Training/Apprenticeship programme we intend to provide intensive practical training to talented youth, from marginalised areas in various provinces – townships and rural areas. They will gain practical skills of choreography/performance, teaching dance, administration and project management while earning a stipend. Our vast graduate network across the country has urged MID to continue with such training as there is lack of these in the Arts and Culture sector in provinces such as Mpumalanga, North-West, Limpopo, Eastern & Northern Cape & the Free State.

As part of this 2nd and 3rd year training participants engage in:

  1. Performing – the participants present works nationally; in professional theatres, schools and community centres.
  2. Teaching – participants travel to schools (twice per week), to teach dance and Edudance as part of the Arts and Culture Learning Area. They also create works with learners, which are presented during the MID annual season. They also teach some practical classes for the first year course and also teach class to their peers where they are assessed by their peers.
  3. Choreography – participants are mentored to choreograph dance works.These are presented during platforms for young choreographers and some are eventually selected to become part of the their repertoire.
  4. Administration/project management – trainees are also mentored to do administration. They assist in the running of the Recreational dance class programme on Saturdays, and co-ordinate performances in schools where they teach, as part of the outreach projects.