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Corporate Services

  • Offers a wide range of performances options and often is hired as the entertainment for functions and events.
  • Performances to enhance corporate image.
  • Team-building through movement-based work shops.
  • Stress relief through movement/
  • Marketing using the innovative and creative language of dance.
  • Edudance as a means to educate on products or services.

Education Services

  • Edudance – using dance/movement to teach scholarly and social concepts.
  • Community and School Outreach – Taking dance into the townships.
  • Arts and Culture teaching – teaching dance in schools as part of the arts and culture curriculum.
  • Short Courses – teaching short courses in arts management, events management, dance training and choreography among others.
  • Social awareness workshops – performing socially relevant dance works involving issues such as gender abuse or HIV/AIDS and conducting workshops with learners.

Festivals & Theatre Performances

  • Innovative contemporary dance
  • Ritualistic Afrofusion
  • Imaginative site-specific
  • Stylish township dance
  • Spirited traditional African dance

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