Our Vision, Mission & Objectives

Our Vision, Mission & Objectives 2015-09-03T10:05:20+00:00


MID’s vision is to provide training in the field of contemporary African dance and performing arts to all people with talent and passion; producing informed dancers, choreographers and art workers embracing the roots from which these art forms evolved; as well as a supportive environment for their performances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the creative medium of dance and performing arts to train, educate, develop and empower youth and adults within the varying South African socio-economic communities; and contributing towards job creation and poverty alleviation.


  • To offer employment to artists, mainly from economically underprivileged backgrounds, through the professional dance company, and provide on-the-job training opportunities for further career paths in the arts industry, through the second and third year training programme.
  • To offer training in dance performance, choreography and teaching as well as arts administration and communication skills to economically underprivileged youth and unemployed young adults.
  • To collaborate with local artists in order to implement collaborative performances in SA.
  • To maintain artistic excellence through our performances in South Africa, in performance spaces, festivals, schools and communities.
  • To develop and sustain new audiences especially through outreach performances and interactive dance and creative movement workshops in schools and community centres.
  • To develop performances that are meaningful and appropriate to the life experience of the communities, including issues such as gender abuse, and HIV and AIDS.
  • To promote gender equity by supporting female students, choreographers, performers and administrators.